HOLLANDLAC Brilliant is a high performance, marine quality enamel, unequalled in its ability to provide maximum protection and depth of color. HOLLANDLAC Brilliant Gloss Enamel possesses a mirror-like luminescence which may be used subtly or dramatically to create focus, space and light.

The densely pigmented formulation of HOLLANDLAC Brilliant provides superior coverage and hiding power. High concentrations of costly, color-fast pigments result in colors that resist fading. HOLLANDLAC White is resistant to yellowing. However, even the highest quality white oil finishes will yellow in the constant absence of ultraviolet light; i.e., inside of a closet or in a room with little direct sunshine. (See EUROLUX for non-yellowing, gloss white).

HOLLANDLAC Brilliant’s unique self-leveling and filling properties result in a finish that dries to a beautiful, durable, porcelain-like surface whether applied by brush or spray. Although all paints perform best when applied over a FPE Oil Primer/Undercoat, HOLLANDLAC Brilliant does not require primer when applied over clean, previously painted oil finishes in good condition. Surfaces previously painted with waterborne paint should be lightly sanded and primed with FPE Oil Primer/Undercoat before receiving a HOLLANDLAC finish.


State-of-the-art odorless, water thinnable urethane-alkyd emulsion. Combines the advantages of both modern acrylic and traditional oil formulations. Available in Brilliant or Satin finishes, both equally durable.

Surfaces: All properly prepared and primed interior or exterior surfaces. (Not suitable for floors, or interior walls and ceilings.)

Applications: Windows, doors, trim, siding, cabinets, shutters, garden furniture – as a rule, ECO is suitable for use on surfaces which previously would have been coated with Brilliant or Satin enamel. ECO is the ultimate exterior housepaint–especially when used during the construction phase where all wooden elements are encapsulated with FPE Oil Primer or ECO Primer and painted on all sides before nailing in place. This system can be expected to yield fifteen to twenty years of beauty and protection. ECO is not recommended for exterior use on masonry surfaces, stucco, or homes which have previously experienced moisture related paint problems.