There is nothing on the market like The Kovrd 3 IN 1 PAINT TRAY BAG & DROP SHEET (patent pending). This Kovrd product accommodates all paint tray sizes, as well as a roller and a brush, offering a reusable convenient solution to prevent the drying of materials. It gives the painter the ability to stop mid job and pick up where they left off sealing up their tray and equipment, leaving materials wet and ready to use.

The bag was designed with a heavy duty three sided zipper. This feature allows the painter to unfold it and use it as a drop sheet, protecting the floor from any potential spills which can frequently occur on job sites. In addition, a handle has also been built-in, transforming the bag into a carrying case and storage unit for painting equipment. This combination of function and innovation offers unmatched convenience to the contractor and Do-it-yourself painter.