PiViT Ladder

If you’ve had to clean a ceiling fan, change a bulb, or paint a wall by a stairwell, you’re aware of the difficulties when using a ladder. A ladder seems to only work perfectly when you are working in a clear area on even terrain. If the terrain is uneven, such as the example given of working in a stairwell, you may inadvertently set up the ladder in an unsafe manner and work in an awkward position, unless you use the PiViT Ladder Tool. If you’re painting, you may have to use an extension on your roller to reach the ceiling; not a very good way to paint if you have precision work to do. The PiViT Ladder Tool eliminates these problems.

The PiViT Ladder tool is the ultimate ladder accessory. You can have a stable platform for your ladder in seconds. The PiViT Ladder Tool is an indispensable part of any endeavor that may use a ladder. No other tool instantly levels a ladder in seconds. Your safety is enhanced by the use of the PiViT Ladder Tool. If you use your ladder every day or once a year, you’ll find all the work you perform will be easier and safer than it ever was before. The PiViT Ladder Tool requires no bolts or clamps, yet provides a safe, stable work environment. Moving from one ladder to another requires no special equipment. The PiViT Ladder Tool levels most ladders, works extremely well on uneven ground, and can be used as a ladder jack. The PiViT Ladder Tool is made of Polypropolene (the same material that a car batter casing is made from) and also uses a non skid material for the foot of your ladder to rest on and conveyor belt material on each corner of the PiViT to help minimize movement. The PiViT Ladder Tool supports up to 500 lbs. (227 kilos).