Purcell’s now carries Festool brand products. We stock their entire line of sanders and dust extractors as well as extra bags, filters and other accessories. We have access to their entire line of products and anything that is not in stock can be ordered with fast turnaround time.

Founded in 1925, Festool is headquartered in Wendlingen, Germany, with their main office in the United States being located in Lebanon, Indiana. Festool offers an unparalleled quality of contractor equipment including orbital sanders, circular saws, miter saws, drills, and lots more. Their entire product line is designed to work in tandem with their Hepa certified Dust Extractors. Festool’s Planex drywall sander is a must have for contractors working in new construction. It is unrivaled in speed and quality when it comes to sanding down large amounts of sheetrock.

We carry in stock the CT mini, CT midi, CT 26, CT36, and CT36 AC Dust Extractors, as well as Rotex Sanders, 5” and 6” ETS sanders, brushless orbital sanders, and the LTS sander for fine woodwork sanding.