Arborcoat Solid Color Ultra Flat Latex Siding Stain

Arborcoat Solid Color Latex Deck Stain

Arborcoat Semi Solid ALKYD Stain

Arborcoat Semi Transparent ALKYD Stain

Arborcoat Solid Color Ultra Flat Latex Siding Stain

A premium ultra-flat solid stain which masks the grain of the wood without obscuring its texture. This durable finish protects and enhances the appearance of new or previously stained smooth or rough siding, manufactured hardboard and fiber-cement siding, shakes, trim, railings, fencing, stucco and masonry. The ultra flat finish minimizes exterior imperfections while maintaining excellent color retention properties.

  • Provides protection and color without obscuring the grain or texture of the wood
  • Durable finish with color-permanent pigments
  • Formulated to penetrate, protect and beautify wood decking and furniture
  • Provides a mildew-resistant coating
  • Creates a water-repellent coating
  • May be applied to new, pressure-treated lumber
  • Ideal for softwoods like cedar and pine
  • Scuff-resistant
  • Provides superior UV protection when used with Clear Coat (636)
  • Available in gallons

Arborcoat Translucent ALKYD Stain

Arborcoat Transluscent WATERBORNE Stain

Ultra Spec® EXT Paint – Satin 448

Ultra Spec® EXT Paint – Flat 447